About the Humane Society of Burnett County, Inc.

Our Mission

The Humane Society of Burnett County, Inc.'s mission is to provide a safe haven for stray or unwanted animals, to foster the human-animal bond, to promote responsible pet ownership and to end pet overpopulation through spay/neuter.


Our History

The Humane Society of Burnett County, Inc. was established in 2000 operating out of foster homes. In 2002, a building was erected on leased land from the county to house the stray and unwanted dogs. The humane society has slowly been expanding to accommodate more animals. In 2006 a building extension was constructed, originally to store food and supplies, but quickly was turned into a quarantine room to house new animals. In 2008, the humane society purchased cat condos to officially accept cats. An office building was purchased in 2010 to process adoptions and also function as a meet and greet area and exercise area for cats.​ Our goal is to build a larger, more efficient building that will allow us to accommodate more of the needy animals in Burnett County on our recently purchased property, thanks to the generosity of some very special donors.


The Humane Society of Burnett County, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization. We strictly thrive from donations, memberships and fundraising to keep our doors open and our animals well cared for. We receive no funding from the County or tax dollars.




Our Policy Regarding Euthanasia

​There is much confusion over the term "No Kill." In the profession of animal sheltering, the term no kill has been replaced with the term "limited entry." Groups professing to be no kill normally will not accept an animal they know they can not place due to health, temperament or other reasons. HSBC accepts all stray dogs brought to us. We never put down an animal to create space in the shelter nor do we place a time limit on the stay of an animal. If an animal is potentially dangerous to humans and other animals, or if it is ill and suffering and beyond help, we euthanize. To do otherwise would be inhumane.​