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Archive for January 2019


I’m touching base with you with the update on Tia and ‘Mara that you requested. Our “girls” are doing great! ‘Mara is as smart as a whip, enjoys playing with her toys, and LOVES getting her morning bellyrub! Little Tia is a bundle of love and enthusiasm and is a buddy to our cat, Lilly.…

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Henrietta is doing great since we adopted her a month ago! She’s a very social girl and has enjoyed meeting our family and friends – they all love her too! Her favorite place to be is her spot by the window where she can watch the birds and squirrels. She’s energetic and likes to play,…

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Meadow (now Bella) is doing great!  I knew when we adopted her she was special, but she has far exceeded my hopes.  She has found her place in our large home with several other dogs – two much older and one about six years old.  She learned very quickly the dos and don’ts of acceptable…

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Hi Pam!  Reco is doing great!  He still wants to eat my outside cat (and she’s not smart enough to steer clear of him)…other than that, he’s perfect!  He was a fussy eater but after having 6 teeth pulled at his Dental in Grantsburg he eats anything!  He had a sore mouth that’s all. He’s…

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Ruth now goes by the name of Alice. She is about 5 months old and growing like crazy. She is playful, sweet, quirky and she brings us so much joy! Alice likes to follow me around the house and enjoys picking on her older cat brother, Charles- who secretly enjoys the attention. She also spends…

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