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Archive for February 2019


Daisy is doing great! She’s really settled in with our other dogs. She is learning how to behave around our cats as she seemed to have no previous exposure to cats. She still thinks of herself as a lapdog, but is learning to stay off furniture and other new commands. She definitely LOVES the snow…

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We adopted Lexa (Chromia) three weeks ago and Murphy (Morty) a week later, when it was clear that she needed a friend. It only took a couple of days before they were playing and napping together. We’re so happy to have them both!

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I adopted Jubilee and renamed her. Her new name is Minnie, to which she responds very well.   Minnie is very affectionate and playful. She let me pet her on the 3rd day she was with me. I am very happy to be able to take care of Minnie.

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We have decided to change Hoshi’s name to Hershey (because she has a really cook brown color like dark chocolate). She is so loving, she loves cuddling and chasing her tail. We bought her a nice cat bed but she insists on laying in my puzzle box, or in our hat and mitten bin and…

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Dear Pam, thank you for following up on “Jerry.” Since we adopted “Jerry” we have renamed him and we now call him Jer Bear. I understand that Jer Bear was born at the shelter and lived there up until his adoption at about 6 months of age. We absolutely adore him! We adopted Jer Bear after the passing…

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