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Archive for December 2020


Sure, I’d be happy to! Aeries has been doing great! We did change his name to Remmy though. He is such a funny dog. Loves to snuggle and sleep near people. We have another dog, which took some time for her to get used to him but now both have a lot of fun running around and playing. Our two boys…

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I’m sorry life has been so crazy that I totally spaced on replying. We renamed Ash as Boops! She is amazing and we are so in love. She is the most snuggly little love bug on the planet and has miraculously bonded with our grumpy old tom cat named Max. We thought Max would never…

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We are loving the kittens! Birdie is now named Grace and Beasley is now named Lacey. They are growing quickly and have settled in here quite nicely. They are still unsure of the dogs (2 Shih Tzu crosses), but with time I’m sure they will get along. The kittens may just grow up to be bigger…

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Mr. Mittens and Stuart are doing good. I didn’t change their names because I loved them. They like to play and wrestle with each other.  Stuart is a talker and wants constant attention and to be in my arms. He sure is growing up. Mr. Mittens is more quiet and likes to be in his…

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