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Archive for November 2021


Moose (formerly Cowboy) is living life. He goes from walks to food to naps and that’s an endless cycle for him. He likes looking out the window and staring at people while they eat. He is incredibly laid back and is constantly looking for someone to pet him while he sleeps.   

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I adopted Cinnamon (now Bob). I’m from Red Wing MN. A few hours away. I was visiting my Dad in Cumberland, and this cutest little face popped up on my Facebook. I knew right away he needed to come to my house with my cat, named Duncan. I had been very depressed from an unexpected…

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Thanks for checking in. We changed Zion’s name to Jasper and he is now over 5 months old. He’s doing fairly well. He’s happy in his new home. We are trying to adjust to having a puppy in the house. It’s been about 25 years since we’ve had a puppy this young and we’d forgotten…

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In reply to your questions, our kitten who was named Inky when I took him home is now named Jackson. He is a sweet and loving kitty and gives us cuddles every day. He is very playful. His favorite toy is a stuffed fish on the end of a fishing pole that we made. He loves to catch…

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Flora is now “Rosie.” She is a sweetheart and is learning to be a good dog. I take her once a week to dog school and do obedience training. We walk at least twice a day and when I can manage it, three times. She has a half an acre of yard to play in…

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