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Thank you for reaching out to us, we appreciate that!  We adopted Bridget on 3/3, and changed her name to Addie May. It took her awhile to get used to her new name, but she knows it now. She’s a spunky, sassy, spitfire that likes to keep our 2 yr old lab on his toes, which is what we wanted. We had classes lined up for her to take at AllBreed North, but with COVID those got cancelled. So we’ve trained her to sit, shake, and laydown. We’re working on stay and come, but understand those are that hardest commands to teach so we’ll continue to be patient. We’re still working on a few potty training issues, and trying to get her not to jump on people, but those issues are slowly getting better. We love that she’s a snuggler and LOVES going on walks. She pulls some, but I think a harness will help with that. We’ve taken her to the Webster dog park a few times to meet other dogs, and she may seem aggressive at first, but she gets along with them just fine.

Overall she’s a great match for our family, and seems to have adjusted well.  I’ve included a few pictures, some with her big brother Finley who loves her very much.

Hope all is well at the Humane Society! Take care!