Hi! Archie (Waylon) is doing great. I’ve had many cats in my life as I was growing up but none of them were as sweet and cuddly as Archie. At our home he figured out where everything was in the first hour of being there, he’s such a smart cat. He loves to cuddle with me more than anyone else but he is so friendly to everyone he meets. He also is very odd sometimes, he’ll have a full bowl of water and food but whenever someone is done taking a shower he will let the water hit his head as he drinks it. He loves going outside and taking in all the sounds, smells, and people around. So now every time he sees us go out he insists on poking his curious little head out to see a squirrel or our friendly neighborhood rabbit that likes to hang around in the yard. I brought him to my parents house that also has cats and he immediately connected with their indoor cat named Burton. He love him so much that we almost thought about getting him a little brother but our place is definitely too small for two cats!