Hi Pam! I didn’t forget about this. Just haven’t had the time to think about what to say! ATTACHED ARE PICS. Unfortunately Bijou won’t let me take a good photo – she kept running and hiding. Maybe if you can crop and increase size it will look good?

Sylvia (now Ariana) & Debbie (now Bijou) have a new home on a small farm. Ariana is bold, curious and oh-so cuddly. She melts into a rag-doll when being held and rubbed. She loves to sit on my lap every morning while I work. Although Bijou immediately chose me at the shelter, she’s a little fearful of bonding, but coming around. She’s more of a proximity dog – loves to be near, even sits on me when I lie down, but has trouble just being loved and with making eye contact. She’s coming around more each day and sharing her beautiful little soul. They’ve transitioned from pads to outdoors – even with the cold weather they like to play, chase & tease outside. They come running when called (usually from the hay building), sometimes with a treasured unbroken egg (Ariana) or yucky poop (Bijou) in their mouth. With their new-found freedom they tested every possible way to explore beyond the dog fencing – under livestock fences and even the back of the hay building. Luckily they never traveled far, but it took a few months (Aug/Sept/Oct) of hunting down each new escape-route and now they’re safely contained. I love them both dearly and am grateful to have them sharing the bed with me every night!