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We adopted two kitties from HSBC about December 2nd. They were Rose (now Aunt Emma) and Daisy (now Tizzy Lish), both Tabbies. There were some bumps in the road as Tizzy had a double still birth about near the end of December right by the Christmas tree in the living room. We took her to our local vet at Blue Sky Animal Hospital in Wyoming Hospital to insure she was okay and she didn’t have any more babies in her. We also took the stillborn kittens for the vet to examine. Tizzy then went immediately into heat. That was fun. On January 11th, we had Tizzy fixed as well as an overall checkup. Her shots were brought up to date and a wellness schedule was set up. Once the dust settles, Aunt Emma will undergo another checkup and shots review in February to make sure she is okay as well.