He is doing quite well.

An assessment I think he would agree with were he asked.

He seems to be settling in to the notion that this is “home” and we his “people”.

My guess would be he eats better than many persons – canned dog food mixed with high-end dry and a bit of milk for most meals.

Treats after every walk – and usually there are four a day around the ½ mile paths with different routes at least once daily.

In some ways the biggest challenge is now that he – though “mature”/”older” – can pull hard when excited by the resident deer and bunnies.

Who frequently pay him no mind at all.

And we are “older”.

If not “mature”.

The lady of the house is working on letting him run free of leash/tether and he seems to be taking to that well

He had persistent diarrhea in the beginning but a diet of white rice and boiled hamburger seemed to resolve that.

He currently has his choice of three beds in the house.

10 acres of private dog park and a small fenced yard to which he is let out when he wants (or needs).

All in all he is well.

And our lives are the better for his having joined us.

Oh – we changed his name to Baxter.

Well… officially.

I call him Grinkle.