Super sorry!  Never saw this until now. Maple and Biscuit are my murder kitties – although Tilly, one of my hounds, says Spice (Rena) is more murdery. She’s taught her to keep her distance in bed. Lol. Biscuit sleeps on me any time I sit. Maple used to, but there’s a world to explore and other cats to beat up. She joins me in bed instead when she gets tired. Those two stroll the house fearlessly side by side with the dogs. I posted a pick of Tilly and Maple looking out the window at squirrels on the Look at Us now page. Smudge (Beretta) is a fixture when I go into the bathroom and first crawl into bed, then there’s things that must be done. Rearranging being a priority (eye roll). Butters (Nutter Butter) is the shy one. She stays to herself but I’ve caught her playing lately and she comes when called – treats are life you know. And she no longer bolts when I walk into a room. I have my house divided so cats can go anywhere but have the kitchen and two other rooms dog free. Smudge, Spice and Butters aren’t fans but are getting braver. Spice sleeps with the four dogs and me now so. Will they ever be as brave as the murder kitties?  Time will tell. All in all, I chose well. They’re spoiled and very loved. My cell is crappy at sending pics, but Paula Marie is my Facebook profile – has a pic of a fire for the profile and another pic of Tilly with my beloved Jaxie. I had to put him down 9/1, and adopted the first kitty crew in honor of him. If you would like pics, hit me up in messenger and I can send some thru there. And thank you for allowing me to adopt them all. Just like Jax – he was a foster fail due to not being adoptable. They were just what I needed, even though I didn’t know it at the time.