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Buddy (still called Buddy) is doing pretty well. He’s a complicated dog, but we love him and are working through his quirks. He’s starting to really feel at home now. He spends his days supervising the backyard squirrels, helping Derek with computer work, waiting for the school bus, and dragging his blanket all over the house. He’s found joy in the fireplace on these cold days, but still loves the snow. I’ve attached a video of Buddy and our 2 yr old Acer running off some energy in the horse arena. Buddy’s in the blue coat. “Texas Dog” was not prepared for our cold Minnesota winters! We have sent a DNA test and haven’t received results yet, but I can say with certainty that he’s got a good amount of a herding breed in him. Cat, squirrels, kids, horses, dogs must all be organized at all times.