Desi – When I adopted him this was his name. While during the meet and greeting, I did find out his original name was Buster and that he responded really well to that name. His name is now Buster! He is darling! He is a delight! I love him! He is adjusting very well! He has met all the family and their pets. He loves people and has met and been around many of my friends. They also adore him! He is so friendly towards everyone. We walk daily, he loves to play fetch and catch! He is learning his boundary of my yard as well. He does like to chase a deer and/or a chipmunk, but this is what I expect of him anyway. When he is focused on this, he doesn’t listen and come, but eventually, he does come to me within reason. I still want to explore the water with him. We did just a little up north, and he did walk in it with his toes, but I want to explore this a little more on our own as we were with family and friends and that can get overwhelming. He did very well on his first trip out of town and loves car rides as well. He keeps a close eye on me also. He is a good cuddler and sleeps with me at night. When I am going to be gone for a length of time, I do kennel him. He is doing very well! I can’t say I could find a better companion! Thanks for everything! Please check in with us again for another update whenever you would like!


Have a great day!