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Adopted Pets


Hi, My name is Tally (formerly Darla) and I finally know what real love is! My world is filled with snuggles, belly scratches, toys, treats, real meals, and all the good things I used to dream about. I have my own fenced in yard and my Mama says I look like a cheetah when I…

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I adopted Deary and took her home on January 11, 2020. Since that day, we truly believe our Christmas was on “hold” and that she was our gift! 2020 is off to such an amazing start and we owe it all to HSBC. Her name has been changed from Deary to Cedar. We live next…

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I am happy to report that Sibertron, who now goes by Dayzee Mae, has been doing great and has been a wonderful addition to our family. She really enjoys her toys and her food but especially loves to have her belly rubbed. She is a very lovable and gentle cat. Thank you for the love and care…

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Oh my goodness I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to email back! I don’t really check my email too often sorry. Ranger and Ozzy, formerly Adam, are doing great. They’re best friends now. Ozzy is a very loving, docile, vocal cat. My 3 year old daughter can interact with him without any worries…

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Thank you for contacting me.  My cat and I have “settled” in well.  She is a very social cat, on my lap whenever I sit in my recliner.  I have changed her name from Roxy to Lettie, which if from the bearded lady in the movie Greatest Show on Earth, because she has a small…

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