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Adopted Pets


Yes, we still have Charley (a.k.a. Little Deb).  She is settling in.  She still has some issues with chewing.  Appears very scared of almost anything,  such as barking at a blank t.v. screen.  She is still loved by both Dennis and me.  She sleeps with me at night.  She is housebroken, so we go for…

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We adopted Helen now known as Stella. She is right at home indoors and out. She is already 99 % house broke and 100% puppy.

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We kept his name and he has adapted really well to his new home. He seems to be ok with traveling in the car which we are planning a three week trip with a travel trailer. He likes to talk to us when playing and also when it meal time. Archie is one mushy boy.…

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I’m very sorry for the late response. Life has been crazy trying to get settled into our new life in Arkansas. But I found your email again and realized I never replied, so here I am. We love Willow with everything that we are. She has been to a local vet that we trust our…

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Hayden (litter of 8 American Heeler pups) is now Bo Keatts. He is having fun exploring his new surroundings, loves the wood chips in the garden, enjoys driving with “dad,” and can’t get enough hugs from his new “Dog mom”!

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