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Hi there!

Chickie is doing great in our home. It took a couple days for her to warm up to my son and I but now she shows no shame begging for pets and scratches.

She tales residence on my son’s or my bed when we’re not home and comes trotting to the door when we get home. She loves watching the squirrels from her cat tree by the window.

We kept her name Chickie as she already answered to it as she is already 3 years old. At her first vet visit we intend to register her as Chicken Nugget so Chickie is a “nickname.”

As a lifelong cat person I am so happy to finally have a cat of my own again. Chickie is my son’s first cat and he loves her dearly. He enjoys feeding her and playing with her.

Here’s a photo of Chickie, paws crossed, curled up in the crook of my elbow.