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First Email:

Good Evening!!!

Just wanted to let you all know that CHILI will Not be coming back to you.

He is Awesome, and is doing VERY well here with us.

The Tip about kenneling him while we’re gone was a Great One….because I think he would have some issues with anxiety when let here alone …at least for their adjustment period.

Gave him a bath on Sunday…went pretty well….He Cleaned up Great!!!!

Here are some Pics and a video for you to Enjoy.

Thanks for a Great Dog!!!!

Second Email:

BTW….the liquid medication for the loose poop is Much easier to administer when blended with peanutbutter!!!

Here is some Action……He will get two to three walks/Runs per day.

It’s how we roll.

Third Email:

Forgot about this one…..

See Ya!!

Fourth Email:

Good Afternoon!!

Ah Yes, CHILI has been Great…..We kenneled him the first week when we were at work which worked out very well. He now has free reign of the house while we’re gone because he doesn’t do any damage.

He gets 4-6 Walks/Runs per day….mostly free running on our 20 acres. I’ll Forward you the emails I sent out the first weekend we had him.

Here are some current pics…..

We Really appreciate the time taken by the staff on that initial day we picked him up….It really made him warming up to us smooth.

Thanks Again!!! IMG_0938(1) IMG_0937