Bliss is now named Chloe! But I should have named her Parcour, because she is constantly on the move, jumping, twirling and bouncing off of furniture! She loves playing fetch and catch!!! Chloe is growing like a weed. Currently, she wakes me up by 5:30 for breakfast, this is about the time I get up for work anyway. She also is a big snuggle buddy and has the loudest purr ever. She has brought lots of joy and laughter to our home, especially after we lost Gracie (who we also adopted from your humane society over 4 years ago, she passed from a procedure she was having at the vet to collect her urine to check for a bladder infection…we were heartbroken, it was so unexpected, she was so young ). Chloe has had her first vet appointment and had no issues, she is probably about 4lbs now. She goes in on September 8th for her spay. We are taking her to the Pine City clinic. Because of what happened with Gracie I am a little nervous about it, but I know it was a just a fluke. Here are a couple of pictures of Chloe!

This is Chloe with her big brother. And here is a picture of beautiful Gracie all grown up. She had the most amazing coat and loved all things sweet.

I’m glad our search for another kitten brought us back to Burnett County!