Hi! We adopted “Skittles” a little while ago. Her new name is “Daisy” and we absolutely love her!! She has been such a joy to our entire family. Daisy is a beautiful white kitten with beautiful baby blue eyes. Daisy adjusted so well! She used her litter box immediately and never had one accident. We have 2 dogs and 1 other cat, and her and our cat became instant best friends! She has her normal routine to come and sleep by me (her mama) every night. She has quite the personality and LOVES to play with anything! Buying a toy for her is no waste of money ever! Her favorite thing to do is suck her super soft blanket, like a baby nursing on her mamma. We couldn’t be happier with her!! I could not imagine not having her in our lives. I’m undergoing breast cancer treatments (radiation and chemotherapy) and she has been an amazing therapy kitten for me. Can’t say enough about her. Just love her to pieces! She is one, very spoiled kitten!!!

Thanks again for allowing us to adopt her!!!