Deku (Henry) and Q’row (Ziggy) have become precious members of our family. As we drove home from the shelter their personalities became apparent and reminded us of the two characters from anime’s that we enjoy watching. Deku is a little more cautious but still ready to follow his brother on an adventure. Q’row is very protective of his brother and curious about everything. They love to be held and cuddled and often sleep in one of our laps in the evening. They enjoy wrestling, chasing each other around the house and playing with their toys. One day after joining our family they became fast friends with their dog brother, Toby. They have visited with their veterinarian and received vaccinations and are scheduled for another visit in August. Our funny fur babies love to sit on the screened in porch with us watching birds and squirrels and chasing bugs that are on the outside of the screen. Attached is a picture taken today during their afternoon nap.