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Good Afternoon Pamela – thank you for your email. Bambi is now Denali and Bryce is now Juneau.

Oh my gosh – these girls are growing like weeds and HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY! We have a doggie door to the yard and they are in and out and in and out all day long. When they come in, they come with such speed and energy that we sing “they came in like a wrecking ball” when we hear them down the hall.

They had shots last week and they have each gained 10+# since 12/11/19! We haven’t had an accident in the house in almost a week and they have a great handle on knowing when they need to “go” before it’s too late. They have mastered “sit” and can “stay” for almost 60 seconds; especially when there’s a treat waiting. We are working on leash training – they are both strong and we think we’re well on the way to having a great sled dog team!

Their favorite activities are seeing how fast they can run on the hardwood floors, wrestling, exploring the house and property, finding ways to outsmart us and of course, playing with boxes!

They are best buddies and are always together, even choosing to sleep together on one of our dog beds or in their kennel.