Thank you for reaching out for a follow up. Duke is now named Dobby as he is loyal, quirky (makes me laugh everyday), so precious, full of magic and absolutely lovable.

He is my velcrodog who is extremely affectionate and has adapted beautifully to his new life. He has a same age female Boston terrier best friend in my parent’s dog and two pug cousin/pals in my sister’s dogs, who he loves to out-run. Dobby is filled with joy and is such a delightful little creature. My entire family has fallen in love with him and affectionately call him “Dobby Do.”

He enjoys going for walks, playing leash-less fetch and running to his hearts content on over an acre of land at his new home. He is almost completely potty trained but has an adversity to rain/ cold temperatures and wet grass; but I have faith he will continue to succeed here.

He loves to guard his home from chipmunks and Amazon delivery people. His favorite toy is a stuffed purple monster and his favorite pastime is to climb on my lap or in my arms for cuddles regardless of what I’m doing (he has become the new favorite mascot on my weekly company zoom meetings). From day 1 he demanded to sleep right by my side and continues burrow under the blankets every night. He greatly enjoys going to my retired parent’s home on the days I’m working outside of my home and Dobby is rarely ever left alone. He also loves to drink water from a drinking glass, he’s fancy.

What we are working on:

  • Potty training (almost there)
  • He seems to have an adversity to men and my Dad has been the only man he has greatly bonded to. He is nervous with the Male vet and heeds with caution around any male individual
  • He is food focused and we are working on boundaries around when the humans are eating
  • He has responded excellently to consistency and home training, he’s a great walker, comes when called by name, sits for treats, and this winter I will be taking him to agility training as he is extremely intelligent, agile and athletic.

Dobby is a creature that exudes love, joy, affection and pure sweetness. I could not have asked for a better companion for this time in my life. He has completely melted my heart and I am so blessed and grateful to be his person.

Thank you for rescuing this beautiful creature that has already had such an impact on my heart!