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I am happy to provide an update on Felix! Felix adopted us. We lost our 18 yr old kitty, Mattie, back in March. Our 18 yr old son, David had the hardest time of all of us. We waited until he was ready to think about getting a new pet. Felix found his way into our hearts because of a sweet Mini Panther ad on the HSBC facebook page. We went to look at kittens as a family on a Saturday, and we had some cuddle time with the kittens. Felix burrowed into my husband’s shirt and snuggled in. SOLD! There was only the matter of adoption applications at that point. Since we brought him home, Felix has been David’s shadow. He slept in his room at night and snuggled with David all day long (since David is out of school for the summer). Those two have a really sweet bond. As for the rest of us, he is a snuggle bug and we all love that. His crazy/spazzy behavior is a source of a lot of laughs for all of us. Even our 13 yr old kitty has accepted Felix into the fold. They aren’t best friends, but they have bonded over their love of eating and coexist without too much effort. 🙂  Our 3 yr old grandson thinks Felix is HIS cat because “he is ‘mall like me.” Felix is a blessing to our house. He doesn’t think we are blessings after we took him to be neutered today, but hopefully he will forgive and forget. :-}

I’ll send some pics from my phone.

Thanks for checking on us!!