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Thank you for following up with George. We are very happy to have George! He is gorgeous! We love him a lot. He became friends with our husky Chief. They play together, sleep together. Sometimes I think that I got another dog to our family. My senior cat is ok with George but prefers not to have a deal with him because she is a queen. George is a lap cat. He loves to be patted on his belly and neck. In the morning he always come to my bed to give kisses. It’s so adorable! Also he likes to watch when I am cooking. He jumps on countertop and watches what I am doing. He already got his first bath. He didn’t make even a sound while I was bathing him. There are a lot of words I can tell about George, a lot of moments that we can’t catch on the camera. George tightens up to our hearts very strong. We love him a lot and thankful to the God for the opportunity to get George to our home!

First Bath!