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I spoke to Ginger’s owner and she said that Ginger is one spunky little cat, but they love her. Her favorite toy is wine bottle corks that she can bat around the house and down the stairs. She makes up her own games and own entertainment. Ginger loves looking out of the floor to ceiling windows they have. They have made her a scratching post and a ledge to help her get to one of her favorite windows in the basement that looks out ground level, under a lilac bush. Ginger kept her name. She has a unique raspy meow. During her wellness check, the vet said she had a little gingivitis so recommended canned food instead of dry food.

Ginger is an only child, living with two seniors. When asked where Ginger sleeps at night, they said right smack in the middle of the comforter at the foot of their bed. She sleeps through the night, although she is an early riser. They’ve had to make a few adjustments like turning Kleenex boxes upside-down (or Ginger will pull all the Kleenex out) and putting Ginger’s toys up at night (or Ginger will play with toys and make noise while they are trying to sleep). All in all they are very happy with Ginger, but hope that she calms down a bit as she gets older!

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