Pumpkin is now named Girlfield. She is enjoying time with our other cat Holly which is adopted cat from HSBC as well.

Odin aka Odie is Girlfield’s favorite friend to play with who is a 14 month old white lab. They really spend the most time playing together. He is very patient with Girlfield and often baths her. Harley (another dog) does sneak in a kiss to Girlfield her and there but, Harley is more to herself type of a dog.

Girlfield loves balls and stuffed animals to play with the most! Even though I find her on the cat tower climbing and playing often as well. She does like to climb.

She purrs a lot and loves cuddling and licking my face as often as she can. Girlfield also loves following her humans everywhere she can. Right now she is preferring her human mom, which is just fine. The feeling is mutual for sure! This Kitten is making smiles happen all the time.