Hello, Pam! We adopted our pup as “Goldie” but have since changed it to “Greta.” She did in fact fool us into thinking she was a chill, relaxed dog but showed us her true colors as soon as we brought her home. Greta is a fantastic dog – she has been trying to make friends with our cats, but they don’t seem to be her biggest fan, so we are working on slowly introducing them. Greta gets the zoomies about twice per day, and then crashes on the couch as soon as she’s done zooming. She’s been crazy spoiled with lots of walks, pets and LOTS OF TOYS (mostly by me not being able to control my urges to buy more dog toys for her), and is very attached to her pet cow and her Kong toys. She’s also now a proud member of the Kong Box club, which is a monthly program where they send you a box load of toys, treats and training information from the Kong Company. I honestly believe Greta is a perfect fit for us, and we couldn’t ask for a better dog. Right now we’re working on basic training (come, stay, leave it, etc.) and she’s doing great, and actually knows her name now! She makes us so happy, and we hope to adopt her a (dog) playmate when the time is right. I’ve attached a few pictures, so let me know if you can’t see them.

Thank you for checking in! We love our addition to the family so very much!!