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Gunny is doing amazingly well after only a month. In fact, the humans are having challenges adjusting to such a laid-back dog! Gunny is not a morning dog at all – we often have to coax him out of the bedroom only to have him snooze another hour on the couch before he’s interested in the first walk of the day. He’s got two speeds: snuggling or walking! Gunny’s slowed down from the three miles per day he wanted when he first came home to about two. The extra activity has been good for all of us. You can see in the two sitting pictures (one taken at the shelter in May and the other this morning) what a difference a bit of activity can do! Gunny has been a pretty serious little guy until this past week, where he’s smiling and wagging more; he even started giving Mom kisses (Dad doesn’t rate). His favorite spot is anywhere Mom is. He just wishes she’d take him on more car rides and let him go after chipmunks!