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By Pam Cunningham | May 16, 2020

Thank you for reaching out to us, we appreciate that!  We adopted Bridget on 3/3, and changed her name to Addie May. It took her awhile to get used to her new name, but she knows it now. She’s a spunky, sassy, spitfire that likes to keep our 2 yr old lab on his toes, which is…


By Pam Cunningham | April 17, 2020

Good afternoon. My family and I adopted Hansel, who we renamed Odie. He is a perfect fit for our family. He made himself at home almost immediately. We love him and we are pretty sure he feels the same. My two daughters, age 2 and 4, can’t get enough of him and Odie is so good with them too. Odie and…


By Pam Cunningham | April 17, 2020

Thank you for following up on Poppy. I have kept her name as is. I don’t know how well you knew her but I understood she’d had a rather difficult life prior to being brought to you and that she was very shy and been returned after a prior adoption lasting three months as she almost never…


By Pam Cunningham | April 17, 2020

Mikey is settling in really well! He’s still leary of me, but immediately was comfortable with my wife and kids. He loves to play catch and run around! We are working on his training and listening skills. He still has a way to go with me, but I hope someday soon that changes!


By Pam Cunningham | April 17, 2020

Luna is doing fine. She is very lively, especially when I want to sleep. My Grandson and her get along great. We all love her.


By Pam Cunningham | April 17, 2020

Hello, Pam! We adopted our pup as “Goldie” but have since changed it to “Greta.” She did in fact fool us into thinking she was a chill, relaxed dog but showed us her true colors as soon as we brought her home. Greta is a fantastic dog – she has been trying to make friends…


By Pam Cunningham | April 17, 2020

Otto is doing great!! He is getting comfortable with us! Maybe a little too comfortable, sometimes he’s gets pretty wild. Also spring has revealed he likes to dig.  But he’s doing great running on a leash now and he’s a very talented doggy. He’s an excellent jumper and took care of a chipmunk trapped in our grill…


By Pam Cunningham | April 16, 2020

When Lizzy came to us, her vet records indicated she was 37 pounds. I had her weighed at GAH on Saturday and she weighed 52 pounds. When I get home from work, she runs up to me and she runs from one end of the house to other a couple times… I think some people…


By Pam Cunningham | April 16, 2020

We adopted Rhythm (originally Lucy) and after the 4 hour ride home with us she instantly fit right into our family. She is the sweetest little girl and is super smart!! She still has an occasional accident but that’s mainly if someone isn’t paying attention to her cues. After she Pottys outside she knows she…


By Pam Cunningham | April 16, 2020

I am sorry it has taken so long to respond. Bonnie, now named “Hazel” has been great! My wife and I recently retired and she has been a great addition, bringing joy. She continuously amazes us how smart she is. She recently learned to ring a bell that hangs under our kitchen cabinet when she…