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By jmanning | December 14, 2018

The cat we adopted (Delilah) is doing great! We renamed her Dilly Dilly. We also call her ‘The Princess’. She is not timid, seeks out attention often, and runs around our place like she was shot out of a cannon. When she does that we call it “a drive by”. Her favorite toy is a…


By jmanning | December 14, 2018

Daisy (Lady) is doing amazing! Her and her new brother Diesel are playing and getting along like brother and sister!lol. She really feels at home and loves cuddling with her new Momma. She got a new sweater to keep her warm and she is very spoiled! Thank you for having faith in me to give…


By jmanning | December 14, 2018

  Aria is doing great! She has grown so much already. She is scheduled to get spayed this following week actually. It’ll be nice to have that taken care of. Our other pets have adjusted very well to the new addition of the family. We have 2 dogs and another cat, so I’m excited they…


By jmanning | December 14, 2018

We adopted Zinc ( now Mimi) several weeks ago and she’s doing great. We’ve treated her for worms and Giardia as well as her eyes and ears. She’s gaining weight and is a playful affectionate kitty. All is well! Thanks, Greg and Mary Anne


By jmanning | December 14, 2018

Thank you for the message… We adopted Mitch several weeks ago.. His name is now Mitchell Terrance Marie. He is doing very well as you can see…He is such an easy going kitten. We love him to pieces! He is very attached to the other cats in the household, in fact he is actually inseparable…

George & Oliver (Fez & Jones)

By ptolbert | December 11, 2018

The kittens we adopted are fitting in well with the family. We did rename then to George and Oliver and they seem to know their name quite well. They have such different but amazing personalities and are inseparable. They are so loved and we thank you for the time that you took care of them…


By ptolbert | December 11, 2018

I’m super proud and utterly in love with Patches. He has many fans, he’s learned a great deal, and I work with him every day as he transitions to a very different life. Tonight, he fell asleep with his head on my chest, softly snoring, and made my tears dissipate into a little smile. Who’s…


By ptolbert | December 11, 2018

Hi! I recently adopted Tommy the cat! He’s doing AMAZING! just love him!

Dakota (Kevin)

By ptolbert | December 11, 2018

Hi, (Kevin) Dakota is doing great! He is blending well with our family. He has completed basic puppy classes and will start intermediate in just a couple of weeks. He loves his new back yard where he he likes to run and get the zoomies, he watches out the patio door, (we call it doggie TV) and watches…


By ptolbert | October 29, 2018

Shadow appears to be doing very well in his new home!