By Pam Cunningham | January 8, 2019

We adopted Happy in October and she fits in with us very well.  Whoever had her first did some serious emotional damage… we had her for 4 days before she even barked!  Now she barks when someone comes over then, goes to get some scratches from them.  She’s our therapy dog…. if we’re not giving…


By Pam Cunningham | January 8, 2019

Deacon is now Gimli (because of his big head I named him after the dwarf in Lord of the Rings). He is doing well – has gained about 20 pounds and is very energetic. He is still chewing everything in site so I have to be vigilant. We were doing well training on a leash…


By Pam Cunningham | January 8, 2019

Yes I adopted a kitten on Dec. 22nd. She is female her name was T’Pol. Now it is Flip and she is doing good and getting along with the family well. We just love her!!


By Pam Cunningham | January 8, 2019

Hi, Pam. Thank you so much for the follow up. We did change her name to Flossie from Frosty, and she answered to it right away. Tried to keep it sounding the same. She has her own loft, complete with scratching posts, heated kitty house, water fountain bowl and queen human bed (her favorite to…


By Pam Cunningham | January 8, 2019

Pam, His name was Archer now it is Bucko. He is wonderful and I think so happy. He sleeps all night and plays in the morning then nap time and plays all evening. We left a picture there last week of him sleeping on his favorite toy – a fox pelt. He drags it all…


By Pam Cunningham | January 8, 2019

Blackjack is now named Oogie. He is doing fantastic at our home. He likes to antagonize the dogs and play. He also goes crazy for kitty treats. He’s so spoiled and loves to cuddle up. He’s been a fantastic addition and we’ve had zero issues. 


By Pam Cunningham | January 7, 2019

Nugget, now called Kari is doing well and acclimated quickly. She was clingy for awhile but now has moved on to being a kitten and playing with any dangling thing. She is eating well and is healthy and even plays with our lab. She starts rabies shots next week. Thanks for checking in.


By Pam Cunningham | December 22, 2018

Hi! They are doing great! We renamed Tato to Lilly and Elita to Abby. Lilly is the trouble maker of the two! Always climbing the Christmas tree, getting into everything! Abby is the lover! She’s happy if she can be carried around all day!


By Pam Cunningham | December 22, 2018

Hi there!!  Nala and Gully (Gulliver) are adjusting to their new home, fairly well. Nala kinda sticks to herself, upstairs, and Gully runs the show. 


By Pam Cunningham | December 18, 2018

She is doing great! The pic of her sleeping is only having been here a few days.  She is very comfortable!