By Pam Cunningham | July 29, 2019

We adopted Niles (but changed his name to Finn).


By Pam Cunningham | July 29, 2019

Thank you for checking in about our pet adoption!  We love Fern (we kept her name) and she fits in perfectly with our family!  She is the sweetest girl and loves to snuggle!  Her favorite place is the dog park and she’s already made quite a few friends there!  We’re not sure how we made…


By Pam Cunningham | July 29, 2019

Hi Pamela just wanted to let you know that we changed her name to Greta as that was her original name when she was surrendered.  She has adjusted very well in her home and gets along well with our other dog Bentley.  She is housebroken and crate trained and is working well on other skills.…


By Pam Cunningham | July 29, 2019

Dirk and Landry are now Sam and Jax. They are amazing dogs. Very well behaved. In the past 42 years we have had dogs, all gotten as puppies. After adopting these 2 7-year old boys, it has been so much easier. No more puppies for us. We are sold on adopting older dogs. Sam and…


By Pam Cunningham | July 29, 2019

We adopted Honey from Burnett County Humane Society.  We kept her name, but added Buns so she is officially Honey Buns or Buns for short.  She is a wonderful kitten, who loves to play, eat, nap and purr.  My children Matthew and Anabelle love their new little sister.  Especially the giant purrs.  She is doing…


By Pam Cunningham | July 29, 2019

Will try to get a picture and send it to you. Ernie is settled in and doing very well.


By Pam Cunningham | July 29, 2019

We adopted Pippy almost 1 month ago now & kept her name the same. She is adjusting well & very much loved by our family & all who meet her. We’ve decided that she has basically 2 modes…playing or laying. She loves to play & amazes us with her strength & agility, & she also loves…


By Pam Cunningham | July 18, 2019

Louie is doing great.  It take some adjustments for him and us.  He is now doing great.  My family members love him. He is gaining some confidence in himself.  He is loved.


By Pam Cunningham | June 30, 2019

Thank you for following up with George. We are very happy to have George! He is gorgeous! We love him a lot. He became friends with our husky Chief. They play together, sleep together. Sometimes I think that I got another dog to our family. My senior cat is ok with George but prefers not…


By Pam Cunningham | June 30, 2019

Phil is doing amazing.  He loves his new home and loves to be spoiled.  He fit in perfect.