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I spoke to the gal that adopted Harry. She said that originally, they had no intention of adopting – but just stopped by for a visit. Harry was the first to greet her and started licking her 11-month-old’s toes. That was all it took and an adoption application was completed before they left the building. She was a little worried about how her 2 dogs (black lab and Australian shepherd/golden retriever mix) would react to Harry because they hadn’t been around a cat before. Well, they all bonded the very first day they met. In fact, they all slept that night (and continue to sleep) in the king size bed together. She said that Harry seemed to want to go outside so she bought him a harness and leash. Every night they go out in the back yard as a family, and Harry works well on the leash! “He’s perfect. He’s the sweetest.” Harry follows the 11-month-old around. She promises to send me an email, along with pictures, with more about Harry!

Pam Cunningham, HSBC Volunteer