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Just wanted to let you know that we adore our new babies! They are doing great!!! We have had a few issues with them chasing deer and with Hugo running off and being gone for two nights during a blizzard (just a week after we adopted them). We nearly went insane looking for him. We went door to door for about a ten mile radius handing out flyers, used several different forms of social media and called all the police agencies and shelters in the area. We ended up finding him in the middle of the woods (he was dragging his lead) stuck on a tree. He would have died there if we wouldn’t have found him. He was more than a mile from home and no where near civilization. We are so lucky to have found him!  We have since bought an electronic collar system and have been working very hard training both of them to come when called. They are very quick learners but their prey drive is very, very strong and we do have a lot of wild life in the area. They are the biggest babies and are complete cuddle bugs! They both have such interesting quirks. They did not seem to know what toys were and didn’t know what to do with them. They do now! They don’t grasp the concept of a ball, though. They have no desire to chase a stick or anything that you might throw. They are still leery about going down our basement steps. They will sleep in our bed with us but Hugo prefers to sleep right outside our bedroom door. I think he would rather protect us from things that go bump in the night. (Hugo is the bigger one. The one you had name Hercules.)

Hugo developed a severe UTI and had to be on medication for it for a while. He was set to be neutered on the Monday that he ran away so I had to change the appointment. Then he got the UTI and they wanted to wait for that to clear up. He is now going to be neutered on Friday. Poor guy. They have both been in to the vet and been vaccinated for Lyme disease. They will get their booster on Friday. Mojo, the skinny one that was named Thanos, is still skinny but he had gained weight when we brought him to the vet. We will check it again on Friday. The vet thought he could possibly have an issue that Shepherds get and may need special care. We will see.

All in all, they are wonderful dogs and we are thrilled that we got them! We love them so much! I can’t believe no one else adopted them! They are so sweet and they seem to love everyone they meet. Mojo may have a problem with small children. He seems to want to herd them. He even gets a bit nippy with them, grabbing at their clothing and such. We don’t spend a lot of time around small children so that really won’t be a problem. My only grandchildren live 5 hours away. I don’t think he is being aggressive with them, just wants to keep them in their places.

We are so thankful for the work everyone there does so that we are able to adopt such amazing pets. It is such a hard and sometimes heartbreaking job for you, I’m sure and we appreciate it very much.  So, thanks to everyone that gave us these two awesome boys!!!