Memorial Donations

In Memory of Diane Rocha and her love of animals

Kimberly Zimmer

In Memory of their dog Zoey

Douglas & Diane Crane

In Memory of Jamie Hallberg and her dog Athena

Kelly Ince; Pamela Hallberg; Margaret Brophy and Dan Johnson; Maydene Anderson-Sprick; Cal Skaugstad; Marina Gano; Diane Kadel; Julie Dennehy Eberhardt; David Ayotte; Susan Bessette; Ernie Manzie; Lynda Sather; Catherine Pavey; Jeanie Jacobs; Katie Marquette; Tamara Ince; Mark Burton; Stewart Weinberg; Denny Sampson; Susan Baxter; Peggy Carlson; Jeanie Jacobs; Stu Hallberg; Stewart Weinberg; Carol & David Rosendahl; Patricia A. Anderson; Nicole Schok; Jake and Erin Hughes; John Makosky; Tanya O’Brien; Doris Lundeen; Larry Peterson; Lila and Charlie Jachem; Mr. and Mrs. Wahler; Doug and Midge Nyren; Kathy Jacobson; Caroline Melin-Risburg; Cathy, Jeff, Vicky and Pockets; Vera Anderson; Jackie Reynolds; Brenda Mayer; Lyle and Bev Hopkins; Jeff and Sheri Holmberg; Vern and Jean Tilton; Joe and Tiffany Tilton; Tony Belvidere; Tia Belvidere, John and Vincent; Mark and Deb Prindle; Karen Paulsen; Kyle Stark and Meghan Bethue; DuWayne and Rose Wiberg; Dorene Henrickson; Peggy and Harold Johnson; Lois and Gary Webb; Ron Hansen; Janet Hansen; Judy and Rich Bruder; Barbara and Steve Erickson; Diana and Charlie Tendrup; Karen Davids; Jeanne Wallis; Pat, Gordy Kate, Kevin and Erin Peterson; Josh Hallberg and Hayley Blomberg; Mike and Sue Reed; Paul and Norma Hauge; Bonna Maypark; Jerry Maypark; Charlotte Peper; Anita Johnson; Stamps; Fran McLeod; Linda and Dave Hawkins; Judy Skow; Suzy Lehner; Lynn and Mike Pickard; Gary Nelson; Roland and Delores Norman; JIm and Jo Stream; Donna Akenson; Kathy and Thomas Poirier; Meghan Bethke; Harold and Peggy Johnson; J and L Leigh; Colleen Johnston; Diane A. Olson; Ted and Patricia Hansen; Susan and Kenneth Risse; Charles and Linda Dube; Dick and Rebecca Van Hove; Richard and Roberta Blattner; Joseph M. Stark; Janet Agren; Lois and Larry Skow; Alan and Marilyn Townsend; Anna Knutson; Clemons and Connie Clooten; Arlene Spaulding; Kristine Scullion; Nick Hallberg; Judy & Dennis Adams; Arlene Spaulding

In Memory of my cat Simba

Susan Holmquist

In Memory of Steve Chisolm

Mary Anne Thompson

In Memory of Carol Mulroy

Lori Perron

In Memory of Sally M. Anderson

Merle & Susan Bergren; Lonna Paulsen

In Memory of Terry Erickson

Ted & Barbara Melin

In Memory of Mervin Munkholm

Logic Information Systems

In Memory of Pat Basler

Annette Mosley

Every attempt is made to keep our memorial donations up to date. If you notice a donor's name is missing please let us know.

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The Humane Society of Burnett County, Inc.'s mission is to provide a safe haven for stray or unwanted animals, to foster the human-animal bond, to promote responsible pet ownership and to end pet overpopulation through spay/neuter.

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Mailing: PO Box 621, Webster, WI 54893

Phone: 1-715-349-2368 (ADOPT)


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