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So sorry, my Grandson, who is Autistic had 2 weeks off for Christmas, and it’s been a little hectic!! LOL Our house was filled with him yelling “Ivy! My pants/socks/shirt/stuffed toy to Ivy!! I a big boy! I can go by myself now!” LOL!!!!! That was our favorite!!!

Ivy is training, even this early, as my service pup!! We let her play, obviously with her “big sis” Sasha, but she lays by me with her toys, and has indicated to me already low heart rate (below 60) and high/low blood sugar!! She paws at me, or licks when I seem unresponsive. She also barks to get the attention of others when they are home to get me help. I can’t tell when any of this is happening. She’s doing great!! She knows the commands sit, lay, and ‘touch’-to hit the plate to open a door when she’s bigger. We can’t wait to bring her in to say hi when we start going to Pathfinder in May!!!! We can’t thank you enough for finding us this special pup!!!! Thank you!!!!