Kara is doing very well in her new home.  We have kept her name but have been using the Norwegian pronunciation (Car-a, instead of Care-a) to fit in better with her older brothers Thor and Loki.  Kara has two speeds–all out or wiped out.  She has no fear and is inquisitive about everything, at every level.  We have had to kitten-proof more for her than any other kitten we’ve had–counters, top shelves, etc.

She and Loki, our six year old ragdoll, are great pals, chasing around regularly.  Thor, our thirteen year old Maine Coon, has been teaching her the house rules, but still lets her get away with more than he would an adult cat.

Kara has claimed the cat bed next to my computer as I’m working from home these days.  In the evenings, she alternates between being independent, and needing a lap to crash in.  She likes her people!