The kittens are doing wonderfully in their new home with their new siblings.

Kyo (previously Rocky) and Miyano (previously Ringo) adjusted to their new home and housemates very quickly. They now have two older kitty siblings, Pezzy (male, 8) and Punkin (female, 8). Punkin is still a little sassy and likes to keep to herself, but the kittens let her have her space and they are slowly getting closer. As for their relationship with Pezzy, he has quickly become a wonderful dad/brother to Kyo and Miya. They play together, snuggle together, he grooms them a lot, and the kittens are often rubbing themselves along him and following him wherever he goes. He doesn’t get much alone time anymore, but I don’t think he minds that very much.

Kyo is a very cuddly, laid back, and loving boy. Miyano is also cuddly and clingy, but he’s also very playful and spunky. By adopting and adding these two adorable fur babies into my life, I gained two additional cuddle partners that sleep with me all night and give me nothing but laughs and joy, and my current fur babies also gained two additional loving friends. Kyo and Miya will continue to be spoiled rotten just like my other two fur babies and they have definitely become a part of my little family.