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Hi, I have sent many pictures already; however, they were to Kim so not sure if you saw.

“Hannah” has been renamed to “Linken” and she is such a little sweetheart mixed with a little pistol; we love her so much. She is very smart and is learning so much through “Britden” and takes the lead from her. Although at times¬†Linken just takes the lead and with Britden being a good 70 pounds heavier than her, Linken is up for the challenge.

Linken has caught her first rabbit and loves to hunt for other creatures in the back such as crickets, bugs, and bees! She has conquered commands sit and lay and working on stay.

Thank you so much for doing what you do. Britden is back to eating and being a puppy herself after losing her best friend Nikki to cancer and gaining a new friend “Linken,” here are pictures.