Thank you so for your persistence to ask about Lizzy. We decided to keep her name Lizzy! She is surely a keeper and we are so very fortunate and blessed to have her as part of our family.

Lizzy is really starting to come out of her shell. I don’t think she knows how to play with dogs, people, or other animals. She is very kind and thought that chasing was the best way to play, but as we encourage her to be less assertive and pushy with animals, she finds that they will hang out around her.

Lizzy and our other dog, Trumpet, are pals for the most part – they never fight. Trumpet knows how he should act but is confused by the way Lizzy acts, being Lizzy doesn’t seem to have the background of being trained to listen to commands. Lizzy is just as confused as to why she is told to sit, lay, and stay. I am proud to say that she is patient and learning, as are we.

Lizzy is just figuring out what we consider play, and she has fun when she doesn’t realize she is having such a good time. It is a matter of a minute and she goes and hides to stay out of the way. She doesn’t act like she was physically abused, just neglected. Her spirit is not broken, she doesn’t cower in fear; she just goes and finds a way to get out of the way and lay down where she may not be seen.

Lizzy had some stomach issues. She would not eat much at all and started losing weight. When she ate good food, she would not eat for a day or 2. Either way she was losing weight and she could not afford to lose weight. My husband and I talked it over and decided that we needed to talk with the vet. We started mixing with her dry food probiotics sprinkled on top in the morning, a 1/4 of a can of food for gastric issues 2x a day, and we mix in a half of a chicken thigh morning and night with a half a cup of water all mixed in. Oh my!! She no longer has itchy, dry, and flaky skin. Her coat is gorgeous. She has gained some weight and seems happy. I believe she still needs to feel that she is finally home and allowed to be a happy dog. And we are allowing her the time, space, and giving her lots of love.