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My apologies for the delay, we have been so busy. Hank and Luna Rae (Rae) are doing very well. They have the best personalities and complement my twins’ personalities well. They are still very energetic and atheistic pups buts that’s expected! They have decided they prefer walking together side by side rather than individually or one on each side. They also love to tease each other with toys. No matter if there are enough toys around for both, Luna Rae likes to tease Hank who tends to prefer to lounge and snuggle until he can’t stand it. Typical sister, right?!? 

They just had their neuter/spay procedures a couple weeks ago. As of yesterday day Hank is 58 pounds and Luna Rae is 46 pounds, so anticipated some good sized dogs. 

Our home feels complete again with this pair of wonderful rescues. 

Thank you for taking time to reach out. Please let us know if you have any questions. We will be in touch soon about the process to submit the neuter/spay and rabies info to you all.