We didn’t change her name.

Maisy is such a sweet girl. If we go somewhere and she hears us come in the door she will wait and meow until she gets some attention. Whenever I head towards the living room she meows to let me know that I need to sit down and give her some attention. She is skiddish around people and runs off if we put both hands out to pet her.

We have run into some issues and have been trying different things to stop it from happening. If there is any laundry or laundry basket she will pee on the laundry. She also pees in our potted plants. We changed her litter to what she seems to like better. Got a bunch of toys and a cat tree to help her have stuff to stay entertained. And she will jet out the door if we don’t watch to make sure she can’t get out. Any ideas would be a great help.

We definitely love her.