Hi – We celebrated our 1 month on October 18th.  We have shortened her name or given her a nickname – we call her Mare. She goes everywhere I go. She has separation anxiety if I leave her. She likes to travel in the car. I bring her to work with me and she spends the day in my office, with several breaks for walks – mid morning, lunch and afternoon. She is friendly with my co-workers but not overly – she does not jump up on people – she just watches them and when they make eye contact – they usually pet her. We have two house cats and at first she chased them – trying to play with them…  Now they chase her – standing their ground. They are learning to respect one another. It is working out. My daughter has a 9 month old puppy that we go visit every other weekend. They are learning how to get along, when it is time to play and when it is time to settle down. They get better with every weekend visit. Mare sleeps in a dog bed, next to my bed and wakes me up when she needs to go out. But that is getting better also. She has had a few accidents in the house, usually in an area that a dog had an accident prior…. I just have to pay more attention to the signs to take her out for a walk…. She is very familiar with a kennel, I have put her in the kennel only twice when I had to leave her home for a shopping trip. That went fine. We also booked her for a weekend with B&H Kennels as we had a Wedding to attend in Iowa and it would not work to take the dog. She did wonderful. (And was soooo happy to be home.) There are 2 main areas we need to work on. She will jump up onto the kitchen counter and grab food when you least expect it. She is very quick. The other area is that if I let her off the leash she will run away and as I follow her and call her – she just looks at me and turns and trots down the road in the other direction. So at present I use a normal leash for work and I have a horse lounging rope I use for walks around the yard so she can move a little more. She is attached to me and I am attached to her. She is a keeper. If you know of any classes that will help us work together we would sign up. Most are still closed due to covid. Thanks so much.