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Good morning. We have thoroughly been enjoying having Maximus in our family. Max has brought us such great joy. We have not changed his name we kept it Maximus. Elsa our other dog has taken to Max in a great way, however Max has learned when he has pushed her a little too far and knows when to leave her alone, but I know she would be lost without Max around. In the beginning we had to teach Max that Elsa is not a chew toy 🙂 he learns very quickly and is now 100% house trained. Max will begin barking around 7am and that is our wakeup call to get him outside to use the bathroom. Max loves to go for walks and takes to a harness leash very well. He is learning not to dig holes in the yard and as I stated earlier Max learns pretty quick so I believe he will learn that soon. We keep Max supplied with plenty of treats and chew toys as that is what he loves. Max loves to play tug-of-war with his sister Elsa and they have a blast. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt Max as he has brought so much joy to our lives I couldn’t imagine life without Max around. In the evenings Max and Elsa come and sit with me and we have play time, quiet time and hugs. I have attached a few photos. I will send photos in increments as the file is too large to send at one time.

Thank you again.