I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Our family got hit with many different things including Miles and Mila neuter and spay complications. All is well now though. They are doing wonderful. Fit right in with our family. Mila is now playing with our 3 year old Brittaney Spaniel. Their personalities are so different. I have never had two kittens at once so it is fun to watch them. Miles is more aloof but absolutely adores the bathroom sink and runs there every time water is turned on in any fashion!! Once he was curled up in the sink and I turned on the water and it filled up all around him and he didn’t care! Mila is a purr box non-stop!! So all is well with our fluffies. Unfortunately, just as they were getting use to our older cat Trinity he died.

If you ever get in a long haired white cat, can you let me know? That would be great. My son misses Trinity so much!