I would be more than happy to share how our sweet Milo is doing; so far he has voiced no complaints! But he certainly is very talkative!

I’ve been in touch several times with Stacie Buck, who was marvelous in assisting me in bringing home another cat from your shelter. I had been in the Burnett County area about 7 years ago when I discovered the humane society and was fortunate enough to have been allowed to adopt “Tulip” back then, a tiny black and white kitten who we promptly renamed “Kitty Boots” for her 4 white paws.

When my other elderly cat passed suddenly from heart disease, I again contacted your shelter to inquire about a new pet roommate seeking a home and Stacie led me to Milo. He fit right in to our little family! As he is estimated to be about 5 years old and responds immediately to the name Milo, it stays. I will include the text of the posts I’d previously sent and you will see how thrilled we are to have him. I’ve attached several photos as well.

Thank you for the life-changing work you do every day. Our existence is only made whole by sharing our lives with our pets.

May 24th Update:

Just a brief note to share Milo’s excellent entry into our little pet family. He is doing absolutely wonderfully! He is so talkative, especially at mealtimes, and is as affectionate a cat as I’ve ever known. My hope for a fellow couch sitter has been exceeded! Thank you so much for your outstanding assistance in helping me find our Milo, and I will be in touch again. By the way, I still have room for a senior cat, but would like to try to give Milo 3 months to fully settle in. Let me know though if an older cat turns up that is in need of a home like ours.

May 15th Update:

Just wanted to give the shelter a quick status report on our adoption of the cute boy Milo to our little family. He seems to love it here! There is so much to explore and dozens of places he can call his own. He was easily welcomed by my dachshund, and her slightly older sister, Kitty Boots, is tolerating him quite well. He’s made a habit of sleeping on his blanket in an adjoining bedroom for now. And my goodness he is so talkative! At meal times he can’t say enough about how excited he is to sit down with us and share his food. He is a 100% lap cat, which is what we hoped to find, and he makes every day a much better one by being our little boy.

I can’t thank you enough for assisting us in bringing this sweet little guy to our home, and know he is loved and cared for every minute of the day.