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Missy Mae (Missy)

Missy Mae is doing very well with us. She is a busy girl and lets us know about every 2 hours during the day that she HAS to play BALL!!! We discovered quickly that we could not have any toys in the house for her, as she just doesn’t know how to quit playing fetch! So all play time is done outside. She would play fetch till she drops! She also enjoys taking walks with us down our dirt road and into the woods.

She has fit in very well with our other 3 dogs. Sadly, our oldest dog, JoJo passed away last week after a surgery to remove a large tumor. 🙁 We are heartbroken, but Missy Mae keeps us up and going. 🙂

Here is a pic or two of Missy Mae.

Our Vet verified that he agrees with your Vet that she is around 8 years old. I still have a hard time believing it, as she is SUCH an energetic dog. She must have been a holy terror in her younger days! 🙂

All in all, we are very happy with Missy Mae and she has fit in with our family very well. 🙂

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