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Mr. Mittens and Stuart are doing good. I didn’t change their names because I loved them. They like to play and wrestle with each other.  Stuart is a talker and wants constant attention and to be in my arms. He sure is growing up. Mr. Mittens is more quiet and likes to be in his favorite spot. Wherever that is in this house, this is their house. They know every inch and space. lol Mr. Mittens will also come and get some love from me. But when he has had enough, he lets me know by biting me. Sleep is challenging at times. I also have a call that I do and they come running. I can’t go to the bathroom or take a shower or plain just get ready in the morning without them joining me or just plain following me wherever I go. I am learning their personalities and what I need to do to change things around here to keep them out of trouble or destroying things. But you what I would not change a thing in this world cause they are my mit mit and Studebaker and I love them to pieces.