Sorry for the delayed response it’s been a busy last few days. We adopted Clover from you on 9/20 and we changed her name to Nova. She had an original collar with that name on the tag and she answered to it immediately when we got her home. I’ve attached some pictures of her to this email, she’s made friends with Sox our female cat, Nox our male cat and her are still warming up to each other, but they do well together. Nova loves running around in the woods we have out back. She even attempted to “help” me when we were building the chicken coop. She loves fetch, but we’re still working on her giving the ball back and she is still working on not pulling when on the leash for her walks. Otherwise I think she is a very happy girl, she’s definitely a bit spoiled with a few toys, bones and other treats. She loves to cuddle up in bed with me at night too.

She’s a very sweet girl, found out she is a little hesitant with men, but after a few meetings with my friend and neighbor does fine with them.