The Humane Society of Burnett County, Inc.'s mission is to provide a safe haven for stray or unwanted animals, to foster the human-animal bond, to promote responsible pet ownership and to end pet overpopulation through spay/neuter.

Donations & Memberships

The Humane Society of Burnett County, Inc. helps hundreds of animals each year. Without your support, these animals wouldn't have a place to go.

HSBC accepts monetary donations, but there are several other ways to help out! Click to learn more.

Lost & Found

Losing a pet is scary and could happen to anyone.

If you've lost your pet, please check our Lost & Found page often, and be sure to reach out and let us know if we should be on the lookout.


Find your new, furry family member at the HSBC! We provide adoptions for both cats and dogs. All interested adopters should fill out our pre-application and submit for review.

Check out the Live Feed from the Community Cat Room on the Cat Adoption Page.


The Humane Society of Burnett County is always seeking volunteers to help us accomplish our mission.  There are quite a few volunteering opportunities available to fit your time and skill set. Orientation and training is provided at the shelter.

Click here to find out more information on current volunteering opportunities at the HSBC!

Featured Pets

Hi! My name is Kybo!

Kybo is a handsome 2 year old Alaskan Husky X that is now ready to find his home.  He is a gentle dog, listens well and is very intelligent.  He does well on his leash, but always room for improvement.  He likes being with people, whether outside or hanging out on the couch next to you.  Kybo is a very nice boy!

Hi! My name is Sibertron!

Sibertron is a beautiful 2 year old kitty that came in as a stray.  She loves people and to be held, a real snuggler.  Sibertron has a playful side and likes to explore and check out her surroundings.  She is a real sweetheart that would make a wonderful addition for that special family!




Here are some things we always need:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Bleach
  • Bleach wipes
  • Creamy Peanut Butter
  • Milk Bone Dog Biscuits
  • Paper Towels

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News from the Happy Tails Blog


May 1, 2017

Hi Pam, Marcus is doing really good! He seems to have a lot of puppy left in him which we love, our other dog Roger and he are best buddies that play play play! Not going so good yet with kitty but the vet said to give it time and they’ll come around. He got a clean bill of health at the vet on Friday and Dr. Helen said he’s probably going to be a very intelligent dog!?!? So far he’s learned to sit, stay and shake and when we take him out of the fence he stays in the...

Byrdy (Lady Bug)

April 30, 2017

Hi Pam, my name is **** and I am one of the Animal Behavioral Specialists at HSBC. I was working when Lady Bug came in and within 1 hour I told Emily that I wanted her. I think I told her 3 more times that day. The next day I was all over Cheri about her. So I filled out the application and I was hers for life. I had lost a dog last November then another 2 within a month of each other in April. Lady Bug (aka Byrd) just walked into my heart. I knew that she would...

Sophie (Cocoa)

April 30, 2017

Sophie (formerly known as Cocoa) is doing well overall – affectionate with the humans and slowly warming up to the other cats in the house. She’s very quirky but lovable (in the picture, she’s staring down the chair that she hisses at now and then), just like the other cats and humans she now lives with! 🙂


April 9, 2017

I spoke to Ginger’s owner and she said that Ginger is one spunky little cat, but they love her. Her favorite toy is wine bottle corks that she can bat around the house and down the stairs. She makes up her own games and own entertainment. Ginger loves looking out of the floor to ceiling windows they have. They have made her a scratching post and a ledge to help her get to one of her favorite windows in the basement that looks out ground level, under a lilac bush. Ginger kept her name. She has a unique raspy meow....

Tommie (OJ)

March 15, 2017

OJ is getting a new name. We discovered he only seems to respond to “Kitty” and that seems to be too feminine for him, so we are calling him Tommie, after Thomas O’Malley from the Aristocats story. He seems to be settling in nicely. The minute I set his kennel down in the kitchen and opened the door he took over the house. He found the box of cat toys in the computer room and began to sort them out. He has some habits from an earlier home. Example, as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning he...

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The Humane Society of Burnett County, Inc.'s mission is to provide a safe haven for stray or unwanted animals, to foster the human-animal bond, to promote responsible pet ownership and to end pet overpopulation through spay/neuter.

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