Jasmine/Pearl is not your ordinary cat.

When she was adopted on the 13th of May this year, I thought I was getting a cat. Little did I know that I was getting the cat version of McGyver.

She can climb trees (and come down from them); protects the house against mice (got one already); has chased rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, birds (all in fun).

We sit outside on the back steps & when she decides to go for a stroll I’m right behind her. Sometimes, when she goes in the neighbors yard (she has a bird feeder), I have to scoop up the Pearl and carry her back home (which is ok since Pearl understands).

The reason I say she is smart is that I have a trash receptacle in the kitchen. Pearl, when she first got here, figured out that is where the empty cat food cans went (thus she knocked over the garbage). Upon purchasing a new receptacle with a lid & foot pedal, the Pearl, after a couple of days, was observed pressing on the foot pedal to open the lid… cat.

Pearl is energetic, loves toys (I’m going broke since she is so hard on them).  The mechanical mouse was dumped into the water dish (that killed the battery).

I’m in the process of putting up a cat tree for her to climb.

There is so much to tell, that my girlfriend says we should make her a TikTok star.

If you need more info, just ask.  There is much to tell.

Oh, and the girlfriend thinks she is cute. I’m just the Pearl-aide.